Death by Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson is one of the most famous American poetesses. Her name is taken up whenever someone discusses American poetry. One of her famous poems “DeatChina_Zorrilla_as_Emily_Dickinsonh” has got a deep meaning and often featured as an all-time favourite by many academies. This kind of poetry forces one to think and question the very meaning of life. It can be read, understood and interpreted in many different ways. The poem is a story of a young girl who while moving from her childhood to young life moves on to the last stages of her life and finally to her grave, and finally realizes that death is a gentleman that was always around her.

This beautiful piece written by Emily Dickinson talks about how death is always around and while an individual goes through the various phases of life, there is always someone looking at them, gazing and staring for answers. Emily Dickinson talks about how the girl does not dress properly for the occasion as she is just wearing a gossamer gown (a gown which is made up of thin cloth). This poem has got various stanzas and each one talks about a different feeling and atmosphere. For instance, in one stanza you can feel the warmth of life and in another; you can feel the chill of your last breathe.

Emily Dickinson beautifully captured her feelings about “Death” in this poem where death is talked about as an individual who is courteous and like a gentleman always around. You have to read this poem a couple of times and immerse in it with your mind and soul to understand the true meaning behind it. “Death” is beautifully captured in this poem and the relation of death with life can also be understood. It leaves you with many questions like what is death, how can immortality be someone along the meaning of life and so on and so forth.