American Poetry – History to Cherish

Poetry is a beautiful way to express feelings through words that rhyme. America has seen many talented poets over a period of time. Poetry started showing its long lasting effects in the American history as early as the seventeenth century. In the initial days, the way poems were written was largely influenced by the British culture as America was home to British colonies. Over time, the flavor of poetry became more American. Poems written by American poets depict phases of development, religion, family, stories, revolutions www.catatansenja.com_and discoveries. American poetry has seen its own ups and downs over the years.

Some of the greatest poets that American society saw made a global impact with their real and soul touching poems. Ann Bradstreet is considered as one of the early poets along with Edwards Taylor, Philip Freneau, Rebecca Hammond, Oliver Wendall Holmes, James Russell Lowell and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. These poets laid a strong base for the future poets through their artistic work. Once they started off, there was no stopping for the poetry culture in America.

There were revolutions in poetry world in America too. With time, some new poets changed the traditional way of writing poems and its themes. Two such independent poets known in history are Ezra Pound and T. S. Eliot. Literature was rewritten around their time as they changed the way poetry was perceived and written up till then.

Moving to the nineties, American culture saw more poets who started a wave of African American poetry. One of these poets was Robert Hayden. He wrote in a different style and it was widely accepted and praised by the critics. American poetry saw many changes and styles. One thing that remained constant throughout was the beauty, soulfulness, rhythm and enthusiasm to write and depict the world as a beautiful place.