The site dave– is dedicated to American literature and particularly the poem world. Some of the greatest poets of our time have been covered on the site. Poems are full of wisdom, knowledge, joy and sorrow. They are a a window to another world. There is a reason why poems are taught in schools to children from a young age.

They help you understand some of the most valuable lessons of life in a fun and engaging way. The American soil has seen its own ups and downs in the field of poetry during the last century and this site will try and depict not only these poems, but also the legendary poems that were written and published during this time.

On this site, you will find names and works of some great poets of the century like T.S. Eliot who dedicated his entire life to literature and left behind a legacy that is still cherished by millions if not billions.

Poetry helps people understand each other and helps build a stronger community. Poetry also helps people understand each other and express themselves better. It has rhythm, knowledge and information. It is a unique combination of artistic elements.

Poetry also helps in building resilience in children and adults alike. In a time when most children are being taught to use only their brains, poetry can help them think with their hearts and souls too. Poems can help you find deep meaning in almost every aspect of your life which makes it very powerful, and this is why this site is dedicated to poems.